How does START advance your industry throughsustainable aluminium and insights?

Aluminium is one of the fastest growing materials in modern manufacturing–and cross-industrial uses of aluminium continue to grow at an impressive pace. Using sustainable aluminiumin in your products shows your customers you’re committed to creating a more sustainable future.

You need a sustainability journey in your industry for sourced aluminium. START can supply that through transparent, traceable information.

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With START’s breakthrough blockchain platform and team of experts you can:

  • Effectively and instantly show your ESG commitment through sustainable aluminium insights

  • Ensure you’re meeting your industry’s standards to build investor confidence

  • See comparative Life Cycle Assessments

  • Map your specific industry Environmental Reporting requirements


Aerospace-grade aluminium powers innovation and opportunity

An industry that requires perfect execution needs materials that won’t fail. With START, you can ensure you’re getting superior quality, sustainable aluminium to tackle your most demanding challenges.


Strong and light: Aluminium application in the automotive industry surges

Aluminium is a top choice in the automotive industry for a reason. Customers want strength, safety, and lightweight vehicles – while remaining true to sustainability standards. As aluminium content continues to increase in vehicle manufacturing, START can equip your team with transparent insights on your aluminium orders.

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Building and Construction

Aluminium building materials satisfy even the strictest industry standards

Aluminium’s special characteristics make it a versatile and efficient metal for both structural and non-structural applications. START not only helps you source low-carbon, sustainable aluminium, it provides you transparent insights you can use to showcase your leadership and exceed environmental standards like Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

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Consumer Electronics

Using aluminium in electronics improves durability, recyclability, and lowers carbon emissions

Customers gravitate toward brands that offer responsibly-made products. START demonstrates how aluminium supports customers' demand for lighter, stronger, and more sustainable goods.


Innovative applications such as aluminium coil are replacing legacy heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration (HVAC/R) materials

More and more sustainable aluminium is replacing legacy materials in the HVAC/R industry because it offers superior benefits for both manufactured products and the environment. START can help you compare aluminium against product alternatives, giving you a competitive advantage over industry peers.


Aluminium in packaging: Superior protection and unlimited recycling potential

Sustainable aluminium is highly malleable, making it an excellent choice for a vast portfolio of packaging products. With START, you can easily show your customers the provenance of the aluminium used in your products.

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