How is START making your industry more sustainable?

Materials are the backbone of modern products and infrastructure. Across every industry, consumers want to know more about the materials in their products before purchasing.

The problem? Blind spots in the supply chain make it difficult to track materials and assure customers.

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START gives you the ability to trace a material to its point of origin, so you can easily see its impact at every step. These insights result in better material choices, more-informed customers, and can position you as an industry leader in sustainability.

With START, you can:

  • Effectively and instantly show your ESG commitment through sustainable aluminium insights

  • Ensure you’re meeting your industry’s standards to build investor confidence

  • See comparative Life Cycle Assessments

  • Map your specific industry Environmental Reporting requirements


Aerospace-grade materials power innovation and opportunity

An industry that requires perfect execution needs materials that won’t fail. With START, you can trace your materials to their origin so you feel confident in how they are made.


Net-zero cars depend on traceable, sustainable materials

Because modern cars use many materials, you need an easy way to track them. START gives your team the full picture so you can make responsible materials choices and prove your commitment to net-zero vehicle production.

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Building and Construction

Sourcing sustainable materials is a must-have in modern construction

Sustainable design and building practices are no longer optional for construction companies. With START, you can provide assurance that you’re making the more sustainable choice when it comes to sourcing building materials. 

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Consumer Electronics

Infinitely recyclable materials are lowering the impact of consumer electronics

Consumers gravitate toward brands that offer responsibly made and sustainably sourced products. START currently tracks infinitely recyclable materials such as copper and aluminium, which are crucial for producing high-performing, sustainable devices.

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Industry leaders are replacing legacy materials with more sustainable options

Energy efficiency is a top concern for the HVAC/R industry. Lowering your energy footprint starts at the top of the supply chain with choosing sustainable materials. START makes that choice easier by showing the impact and journey of key HVAC/R materials. 


Consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable packaging materials

Industry leaders recognize consumers prefer packaging products that use lightweight and infinitely recyclable sustainable materials. With START, you can prove material choices matter to you and empower them to make better purchasing decisions with ease. 

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