How is START advancing sustainability efforts as analuminium mining leader?

We produce some of the highest quality, lowest-carbon footprint aluminium in the world: the greenhouse gas emissions intensity of our managed Atlantic Operations smelters represents less than one-fifth of the industry average.

We are the first company to receive Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI) certification for producing responsible aluminium.

We are further developing ELYSIS, a breakthrough aluminium smelting technology with no direct greenhouse gas emissions, in our joint venture with Alcoa. Apple and the governments of Canada and Quebec are key partners in this project, which is powered by renewable energy.

Now, we have created START Responsible Aluminium to help our customers and others in the aluminium supply chain have access to transparent and traceable information on the aluminium products we produce, from mine to market.

START: Setting a new standard for aluminium sustainability

Think about a nutrition label on the back of all food products today. The label allows us to make more informed decisions about the food products we buy from calories and vitamins to production certifications and standards. START does the same for the aluminium lifespan, empowering you to make the choice for a more sustainable supply chain.

Instantly see key ESG criteria examples

Our customers receive the following materials to help them make more informed purchase decisions:

Sustainability Label

The “nutritional label” for our products, providing visibility on our sustainability criteria through the key Planet, People, Progress pillars.

Sustainability Letter

Aggregate summary of the benefits of sourcing START Responsible Aluminium through Rio Tinto versus alternatives.

View key ESG criteria in START materials:


Global warming potential
Water management
Waste management
Energy (electricity) source
Air emissions
Land management
Recycled content


Safety performance
Contribution to communities
Third-party assessment


Ethics & compliance training
Whistleblower programme

Access experts to address aluminium sustainability issues

Our customers are supported by our Sustainability Advisory Services, an embedded consultancy that can work with you to ensure your company is making a positive social impact and achieving your sustainability goals.

Contact us to learn more about START and Rio Tinto’s aluminium value chain.