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Better material choices are essential to affect sustainability progress. By showing how materials are made, START empowers people to make more sustainable choices.

Clearly see your materials' entire journey

Visibility is a major issue for modern supply chains. Without transparent and traceable data, it’s nearly impossible to understand the impact materials have on people, the planet and progress overall.

START closes visibility gaps. By tracking the entire journey of materials – the basic building blocks of products – we are reducing uncertainty in supply chains and enabling more sustainable material choices. And we’re doing so in transparent way that everyone can trust.

START making better material choices

Think about a nutrition label on the back of all food products today. The label allows us to make more informed decisions about the food products we buy— from calories and vitamins to production certifications and standards. START does the same for critical materials such as aluminium and copper, empowering you to make the choice for a more sustainable supply chain.

Your one-stop for ESG insights

As a START customer, you will gain access to the following materials to inform better decisions:

Sustainability Label

Instantly see your materials’ ESG impact, measured by key criteria under People, Planet, and Progress pillars.

Sustainability Letter

Share how you’re sourcing responsibly produced materials with comparisons against industry benchmarks and alternative products on the market.

START gives you a holistic ESG view across these insights:


Global warming potential
Water management
Waste management
Energy (electricity) source
Air emissions
Land management
Recycled content


Safety performance
Contribution to communities
Third-party assessment


Ethics & compliance training
Whistleblower programme

Collaborate with dedicated sustainability advisors

The ESG landscape is rapidly evolving. Stakeholders require more sustainability assurance than ever. That’s why we offer dedicated experts who can help you navigate these challenges and reach your sustainability goals.

Let's make your supply chain more sustainable