Our new START label is here, better than ever.

July 25, 2022

Our START label helps our customers understand how their metal was made and the ESG impact throughout the process. This information helps them enhance sustainability reporting, comply with regulatory requirements and share key ESG criteria with relevant stakeholders.

To ensure we constantly stay at the forefront of ESG transparency, we are revising our START label to include the following new details:

Under VCare-Chain: You can now trace the journey of your metal

Just like the START platform, the START label now outlines where their metal was made and transported throughout the entire production journey. This makes it easy for our customers to be transparent with their customers on where the metal was sourced and produced.

VCare-Chain is the new section where you can view where your metal has been at each stage of the production journey.

New sustainability metrics to give you a more holistic picture

Sustainability metrics vary from industry to industry. And each industry prioritises different metrics depending on the nature and needs of their businesses. In response to these customer needs, we are introducing four new metrics (Air, Biodiversity, Land Management, Ethics & Compliance) to paint a more holistic picture of our aluminium products. This added visibility helps navigate increasingly demanding sustainability requirements.

Air: To assess air emissions and quality standards we are tracking NOx, PM10 and PM2.5 emissions.

Biodiversity: We are committed to protecting biodiversity with the ambition of achieving no net loss. In the new label, we assess critically endangered and endangered species.

Land management: We aim to thoughtfully steward the land on which we operate and record cumulative disturbance and rehabilitation.

Ethics & Compliance: We expect our people to uphold the highest standard of integrity and act ethically. The metrics here track our internal business integrity standards.

Improved layout: New naming convention, view trendlines

Sustainability is personal and affects all of us. We are introducing the term VCare – “Value Chain Care” to reiterate the importance of caring about sustainability.

Planet, People, Governance - Sustainability is also holistic, so we wanted to rethink the way we talk about ESG. Environment is now Planet, Social is People and Governance is Progress.

Trendlines - Our customers will now understand how the sustainability metrics have been performing. This means more information and transparency than ever before.

Get STARTed with us

If you’re interested to learn more about START and how we can help you manage your sustainability goals, please contact us.


  1. The new START label will be available on the START platform starting Wednesday, 27 July 2022. There is no action required on your part. For more information, please contact your sales manager.

  2. Read Definitions / Methodology / Scope for full definitions, explanations of our labels.