Event spotlight: CRU World Aluminium Conference Panel

Tolga Egrilmezer, our group head of sales and marketing was at the 20th World Aluminium Conference to speak about decarbonisation goals, strategies, and why radical transparency is becoming so important in the industry.

Tolga shared trends that are moving the world towards a more sustainable future:

“We are seeing changes in societal expectations such as greater demand for responsible and ethically sourced products.

The role of governments and policymakers have profound impact as they are shaping decarbonisation efforts such as investment policies and regulation.

Our customers have also been talking about how to decarbonise, and beyond carbon.”

And, how transparency is being demanded in the industry:

“Carbon is the first step to decarbonisation, but increasingly, we see a demand for transparency across other sustainabilty metrics, I call this radical transparency. Gone are the days that we only disclose carbon emissions, we are going further than that—from water management to diversity.

START helps to trace 14 metrics across planet, people and progress to enable greater transparency across supply chains.