Why is START the critical link to a more sustainable future?

Materials are the foundation of every product, large and small. However, their environmental and social impact can be hard to see. It's hidden by the complexity of today's global supply chains.

START removes this complexity, making it easy to see the impact our materials have. Illuminating the path toward sustainability, empowering both individuals and businesses to make well informed choices with ease.

Supply chains share a major shortfall: Visibility

To realize sustainability progress, ESG data must become easier to collect and report. Unfortunately, it’s obscured in complex supply chains, which forces companies to rely on inaccurate industry averages or manual data retrieval methods.

There’s a better way. START brings automation, transparency, and traceability to supply chains. Improving visibility saves time, lowers costs, and is the catalyst for advancing sustainability.

START makes it easier for people to see how materials are made. By transparently sharing this information, we can make responsible decisions for people and the planet.

What's included?

Fully traceable technology

Built with traceable and verifiable technology, START shows you how your materials are made. The platform also centralizes your orders, making them easy to manage.

Instant information

By scanning a QR code, your customers will be able to instantly see detailed information on the materials found in their products.

Sustainability experts*

Your START partnership includes access to our Sustainability Advisory Services team. These experts can help you achieve your sustainability goals through:

Customised insights

Comparative lifecycle assessments

Benchmarking advice

Environmental product
reporting requirements

Training to improve your team’s sustainability awareness

*Currently available for specific materials. Please check with your account representative for more details.

ESG insights

START includes key ESG criteria and production insights so you can assure stakeholders you’re sourcing responsible, sustainable materials.

Shows how and where materials are produced through Planet, People, and Progress pillars.

Compares your materials against industry averages or other product alternatives.

Provides a 6-month aggregate summary of your purchases across ESG criteria.

Our progress

START’s goal is greater transparency, traceability, and responsibility across key supply chain materials such as aluminium and copper.

As an initiative powered by Rio Tinto, we work closely with our partners across the value chain to advance sustainability. Discover the milestones in our journey so far.

From day one, we’ve strived for greater transparency, traceability, and responsibility across key supply chain materials such as aluminium and copper.

As leaders in the evolving ESG landscape, we’re working closely with our partners to confront climate change and introduce new sustainability innovations.


Founding member, responsible and traceable solution, Aluminium Stewardship Initiative (ASI)


World's first low-carbon solution, RenewAL


First major miner to stop producing coal


First Copper Mark certified producer


Set a new standard for sustainable materials


Pilot with Corona Canada: a step toward a fully traceable beverage can

2022 - 2023

Multi-materials partnership for a net-zero future with Volvo and Ford.

Responsible, sustainable, traceable, and secure supply chain partnerships with Marubeni and BMW.