Why is START Responsible Aluminium important to a more sustainable future?

From a beverage can to a laptop, consumers today want to know more about the products they buy. They want to know how and where their products are made – whether they are made responsibly and sustainably. This demand flows to our customers, who in turn want to more information about the aluminium products they buy.

When we look at the aluminium industry today, we see a major problem: Lack of information.

What’s missing? Transparency and traceability across the aluminium value chain. START Responsible Aluminium wants to change that. Using blockchain technology, we’re setting a new standard built on supplying transparent insights.

START tells the entire story of your sustainable aluminium orders – including key environmental, social, and governance criteria (ESG criteria). You and your customers will be empowered to make responsible choices with the information provided.

"We created START to help our customers – and the consumers who buy their products – make informed decisions. Our goal is to support increased transparency and traceability across the aluminium supply chain."

Paramita Das

Global Head of Marketing, Development of ESG; Metals and Minerals

How does START work?

It STARTS with the blockchain platform

You’ll have access to a revolutionary and secure blockchain-based platform that delivers key ESG criteria for every aluminium order you place. You’ll also be able to manage all your aluminium orders in a central location.

Instant, shareable information

By scanning a unique QR code, your customers will be able to instantly see detailed information on the aluminium found in their products – from mine to market.

Experts in sustainability goals

Your START partnership includes access to our Sustainability Advisory Services team. These experts can help you achieve your sustainability goals through:

Customised insights

Comparative Life Cycle Assessments

Benchmarking advice

Environmental Product
Reporting requirements

Training to improve your team’s sustainability awareness

ESG criteria and production data

START includes three primary assets delivering key ESG criteria and production insights. These resources provide continuous assurance to your stakeholders that your aluminium sources are responsibly and sustainably produced.

They include:

Provides information across 10 ESG criteria.

Compare your aluminium against industry averages or other product alternatives.

Provides a 6-month aggregate summary of your purchases across the ten ESG criteria.

Why use blockchain technology for sustainable aluminium?

Blockchain is a secure, efficient, and trustworthy digital record repository system.

Data from every major event in the aluminium lifespan is stored in “blocks,” which are connected in a chronological chain. Each block receives a time stamp, verifying information and ensuring it can’t be changed.

A blockchain model provides unparalleled traceability and provenance on aluminium – from mine to market. Our platform will make it easy to find, track, and access information on your orders.

the platform

The START platform is available on your desktop and a mobile app. Once registered, you receive your personalised dashboard where you will be able to see all documents relevant to your aluminium orders, including certificates, order information, ESG criteria, and sustainability insights.

Learn more about our sustainable aluminium advancements

Rio Tinto plays a leading role in responsible, sustainable aluminium production. We understand the monumental challenge presented by climate change – and the extraordinary opportunity aluminium has in creating a more sustainable future.

From ensuring Rio Tinto’s aluminium production exceeds the strictest certifications to developing revolutionary carbon-free smelting technology to START’s role in unparalleled aluminium transparency and traceability, we’re setting a new standard.


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Responsible and traceable solution


World's first

Low carbon solution


1st company

to be Performance Standard and Chain of Custody certified

23 sites certified worldwide


1st metal sale to Apple

Game changing solution


1st low carbon cans produced for Michelob Ultra

Partnership with Anheuser-Busch


1st Closed Loop Solution offering

Production of alloys made with recycled content


Setting a new ambition for responsible aluminium