Event spotlight: SP Innovation Summit

August 11, 2023

Paramita Das, global head of marketing, development and ESG; Metals and Minerals, took part in the Suppliers Partnership for the Environment’s Summit Innovation Showcase session, where she discussed START’s innovation in materials transparency for the automotive industry.

Rio Tinto has already taken steps to develop more responsible and traceable supply chains with industry partners. This year, Rio Tinto announced a partnership with BMW.

The problem: "Supply chains are fogged by complexity"

Supply chains are mired with transparency issues. And, a lack of traceability in supply chains hinders informed decision-making and stifles improvement, slowing our pace of progress towards a more sustainable future.

The missing piece: Transparent, traceable, certifiable data

Without access to the data you need, especially when considering all the touchpoints in a complex supply chain, it is difficult to confirm authenticity and transparency of where your products have been.

That is why we’re pioneering the use of blockchain technology to bring unprecedented traceability and transparency to the supply chain.

Vision: bringing sustainability insights to everyone, like you and I

We are bringing sustainability information into the hands of more people to empower more sustainable decisions.

Last year, Rio Tinto took another step towards putting more information into the hands of consumers through our partnership with Corona Canada.