Authenticate the ESG credentials of your copper

START authenticates the ESG credentials of your copper purchases

The copper supply chain is long and complex. It makes gathering and understanding ESG data from mine to market difficult.

START provides customers with the ESG data they need in an easy-to-read format, making transparent where and how their purchased copper was produced. Building on international assurances such as ICMM and the Copper Mark, START provides copper customers and end users with concrete facts about the sustainable sourcing and production of their Rio Tinto Kennecott copper.

Get to know our START Copper Label

The START label provides our customers with provenance and sustainability credentials for each shipment of Rio Tinto Kennecott copper cathode. Think of it as a “nutritional label”, just like the ones you would see on food packaging.

This label will enable you to authenticate the US provenance of your copper purchase, providing visibility over material origin.

The START Copper label will provide the following ESG metrics:


Global warming potential
Water management
Waste management
Energy (electricity) source
Air emissions
Land management
Recycled content


Safety performance
Contribution to communities
Third-party assessment


Ethics & compliance training
Whistleblower Programme

*Metrics will vary depending on the product.

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